Quality assured.

Bricklaying Contractor Essex

We are a bricklaying subcontract company that has been trading for 30 years. 

After taking over the business over in 2012 and trading for a further 5 years, the managing director Adam Stringer decided to change the name from Paul Payne Bricklaying to APS bricklaying contractors LTD


We have a vast experience of housing, both social and private developments, together with commercial and industrial



We are currently working with Linden Homes Eastern, Bloor Homes Eastern, Martin Grant Homes, Croudace Homes, Rose Builders, Abacus Build, Hopkin Homes, Taylor Wimpey Homes East

Anglia and Taylor Wimpey East London. We also work for several groundwork companies, doing all brick and blockwork up to DPC level.

This company is proud to have received many awards over the years for quality workmanship and health

and safety, one of which was sub-contractor of the year from David Wilson Homes.We have all so won

several NHBC awards, with Croudace Homes and with TaylorWimpey.

Facefit Testing

Face Fit Testing

Fit Testing is a method for checking that a tight-fitting facepiece matches an individual’s facial features and can provide an adequate seal to the wearer’s face.


The performance of tight-fitting facepieces depends on achieving a good contact between the wearer’s skin and the face seal of the facepiece. As people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes it is unlikely that one particular type, or size of RPE facepiece, will fit everyone. An inadequate fit will significantly reduce the protection provided to the wearer. Any reduction in protection can put the RPE wearer’s life in danger or may lead to immediate or long-term ill health.

Silica is a natural substance found in materials on construction sites, such as concrete, bricks, rocks, stone, sand and clay. Dust containing silica is created when these materials are cut, ground, drilled or otherwise disturbed. If the silica particles in this dust are small enough (known as respirable crystalline silica or RCS) it can be breathed deep into the lungs and cause damage.